INTERVIEW: Alberta man dies after “non-essential” surgery cancelled due to COVID-19

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The former wife of an Albertan man who died when the “non-essential” treatment for his heart condition was postponed due to COVID-19 gives an exclusive interview to Rebel News.

During the height of the pandemic, just two months ago, a much-loved Albertan father was denied life-saving treatment for his heart condition. The decision to deny his treatments, was because the surgery was deemed non-essential.

Trying to comprehend how the COVID-19 lockdown had led to heart surgeries no longer being essential, Jerry Dunham, took to Facebook. He told his friends and followers, that he was informed  by a nurse, that the surgery he needed to get a defibrillator installed for his failing heart, would not be happening. 

Jerry wrote:  

“So six months later or so, time for surgery and boom, all non-essential surgeries postponed, I was basically told that the government is willing to risk my life to save my life. 

“Let me say that again, my government told me they’re willing to let me die, which according to them is for my own safety.

“Heart surgery, apparently considered non-essential. Now I know some say that’s non-essential, but it’s pretty goddam essential to me. Now I’m told today possibly could be a year or two?” 

Jerry was foretelling his own death.

Dunham Survived By Wife, Two Young Daughters

Two months later, Jerry was dead at the Medicine Hat Hospital, leaving behind two little daughters, ages 6 and 9, and a former wife, Krista Lambier, who still refers to Jerry as her soul friend.

The National Post reported that:

“Almost 200,000 surgeries and other procedures, cancer screening tests and clinical trials of experimental medicines were shelved indefinitely as hospitals braced for a possible flood of COVID-19”. 

That’s why I sat down for an interview with Krista Lambier from Mount Forest, Ontario.

Jerry's Death Was “Political”

Krista wants to tell the world about how cancelled surgeries and delayed treatment are costing precious lives that could be saved, the damage this has caused her family, and how she believes Jerry’s death in an empty southern Alberta hospital was political.  

We may never know the full extent of the deaths from treatment delays, cancers that could have been survived, and people who took their own lives out of lockdown despair. Perhaps by sharing these sorts of stories, politicians and health advisors may rethink their decisions and consider the consequences for all the lives at risk. 

While mainstream media wants to tell us that the lockdown saves lives, we know it has cost lives too.

A GoFundMe has been established to assist in contributing to his daughters’ futures. 

There is another side to the lockdown story that isn't being told. If  you want to help us get these stories about, please go to

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