Afghan teenager allegedly raped British schoolgirl

Three Afghan asylum seekers who crossed over to Britain on small boats allegedly held down a schoolgirl whilst a fourth Afghan raped her in school.

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In early February 2023 an English schoolgirl in Astor Secondary School in Dover alleged that four Afghan asylum seekers, who are also pupils at the same school, had sexually assaulted her. It is alleged that three of the Afghan boys held down the schoolgirl whilst the fourth Afghan raped. Since the alleged incident occurred the four Afghan boys have been arrested and questioned by the Kent police and subsequently released without charge.

A Spokesperson for Kent Police said "Four boys arrested following a report of a sexual offence in Dover have been released without charge.

"Kent Police carried out a full, thorough and sensitive investigation into the incident, which reportedly involved a teenage girl and a teenage boy on Monday, February 6.

"No evidence of a criminal offence having taken place has been established and no further action is to be taken, unless any relevant additional information is received.

"Officers will work with partner agencies to ensure all of those spoken to as part of the investigation get continued support."

The ‘thorough’ investigation by Kent police has done little to ease concerns around sexual assaults allegations at the school according to several Astor Secondary School pupils. Several schoolgirls have held protests outside the Dover police station and outside the school itself to raise awareness of the situation and other sexual assaults alleged to have taken place at Astor Secondary School.

The protesting schoolgirls spoke to an independent reporter about their concerns during one of the protests and the video went viral online. In the video the pupils allege that the school isn’t telling the truth when speaking to their parents. That the school doesn’t take action on these types of incidents and that sexual assaults are commonplace in the school.

Since the video of the schoolgirls protesting went viral, Astor Secondary School has publicly responded to several of the allegations made by the protesting pupils. The protests according to the school resulted in some vandalism and disturbance in the school which has resulted in several students being temporarily suspended. Astor Secondary School tweeted out this statement to help clear up some of the confusion and counter some of claims made by the students.

Despite the schools attempts to explain the situation, several concerned parents have spoken anomalously to Rebel News UK and told of their concerns around the schools apparent safeguarding failures and lack of action when it comes to sexual assault allegations.

Rumours have circulated online that these asylum seeker boys involved in the alleged sexual assault aren't actually the age they claim to be. Several posts from concerned mothers and students online speculate that the boys involved are much older than they are claiming.

Asylum seekers have been proven over the last few years to regularly lie about their age in order to obtain a more favourable asylum application case. In 2020 it was discovered that Kent County Council had found that 400 out of child 1668 migrants that crossed between 2015-2020 were in fact adults. A number which could be even higher as those who simply don’t look over 25, aren’t assessed. The visual assessment of asylum seekers has been widely criticised as being too subjective and allows the asylum system to be open to abuse and fraud.

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