Andrew Lawton: 'The media has started to turn on Justin Trudeau now'

True North's senior journalist Andrew Lawton joined The Ezra Levant Show to discuss Justin Trudeau's past as a teacher and why he left.

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"For more than a decade, there's been questions about why Justin Trudeau left the fancy Vancouver private school where he was teaching. He left mid-semester. That's very unusual for a teacher to leave mid-semester," said Ezra.

"But they may be a perfectly good explanation for or as the innuendo and gossip has. And maybe there's a terrible reason for it, maybe he got a little bit handsy with a young student who experienced it differently."

"We simply don't know because he hasn't asked about it. But then in Parliament just a few weeks ago, Pierre Poilievre threw that back at Trudeau in quite a jab. And here he is, eight years after becoming prime minister. And I don't think a single journalist has ever asked the prime minister, 'hey, by the way, why did you leave halfway through?' And that's my point, Andrew. To vet the Prime Minister."

The Ezra Levant Show was joined by True North's Senior Journalist Andrew Lawton.

Ezra asked Lawton if any journalists did ask the PM on why he left the school.

Lawton responded:

I'm not aware of anyone asking specifically. Now, I do know in 2019, Marieke Walsh of the Globe and Mail asked Trudeau if he had ever signed an NDA for misconduct. And this was because at the time there was this trending, I'll say rumor, because there was never anything factual or evidentiary to support it, that there was an NDA or were NDA is between Justin Trudeau and it was very nondescript.

And again, I'm no defender of Trudeau, but I have to be completely forthright in that. I have never heard anything more concrete on this at all than simply the rumor. And all the rumors tend to trace back to sources that do not have any credibility. But again, I also think that the fact that he left midway through this semester is not a rumor.

That's a matter of public record. And it wasn't until the 2019 election that West Point Gray, the school had come out and actually given a comment saying, no, no, no, there was nothing to see here. And again, I don't know what loyalty, if any, exists between that school and Justin Trudeau, but the fact that he left has been subject of multiple conflicting explanations from Justin Trudeau himself.

Lawton added that he does not "like the idea of suggesting a reason that does not have any basis, but it is a legitimate question to ask."

This is only an excerpt of The Ezra Levant Show that aired on Friday, June 23, 2023. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

You can find more of Andrew's work at True North, where he is a senior journalist, or over on his Substack page. You can also follow him on Twitter, @AndrewLawton.

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