BLM Doesn't Care About Black Men | Bryson Gray on Andrew Says 21

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Bryson Gray is a rapper and political commentator known for his outspokenness about Black Lives Matter, Christianity and Republican issues.

Gray wastes no time condemning BLM and those who have been held up as martyrs and idols for the social justice movement. "They don't have anyone else," Gray says when asked about who the controversial group chooses to celebrate.

The hip-hop artist also discusses LGBT inclusion in the Republican Party, and whether or not he would support a third national party due to the GOP's targeting of smaller voting blocs.

Andrew and Bryson also review one of the strangest music videos ever, one that celebrates the deaths of three young men, before moving over to RebelNews+ to get Bryson's true feelings on the messaging corporations are putting out 'on behalf' of black Americans.

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