Conservatives Are Not Happy with their Representation | Fog City Midge (Maggie VandenBerghe) Andrew Says 17

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Maggie VandenBerghe is a reporter, host and filmmaker who has been on countless news stations, the War Room podcast with Steve Bannon, and all over social media as 'Fog City Midge.' VandenBerghe has faced notorious censorship, with some of her content inexplicably dropping 99 per cent in viewership in just one day.

VandenBerghe has also been on the ground reporting from D.C.'s 'war zone' between stints on various programming, pointing out the still-present militarization of the nation's capitol.

She joins Andrew Says to talk border control, Joe Biden and the future of the Republican Party. She even reveals the relationships she's lost over her politics.

On RebelNews+, VandenBerghe tells us if she will ever vote Republican again, and what the party must do to enact a winning strategy.

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