'Cancelled' for Saying Jesus Loves You | Matt Brevner on Andrew Says 25

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Matt Brevner has a history unlike any other Rebel News personality — he is a Juno Award and Much Music Video Award Nominee for his work as a producer and hip-hop artist.

His road to 'redemption' is riddled with cancel culture, misunderstanding and faith in God. After a complicated past with Canadian rapper Madchild (of the group Swollen Members) that spawned a vitriolic rift, Brevner was later subjected to a hit piece at the hands of mainstream media simply for being present while a street preacher spoke about the Bible in Vancouver.

Despite this occurring just hours after Brevner helped a lost, homeless man, and him not hearing any hateful language being used, this resulted in severe career consequences.

On this episode of Andrew Says, Brevner discusses getting dropped from his label, being pigeonholed, his faith, his beginnings with Rebel News and even his rap beefs.

On Rebel News+, Brevner debuts his new music video "Behind Me" from his upcoming album.

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