GETTR Vs. Free Speech — Sonny Joy Nelson & Kingsley Cortes | Andrew Says 56

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Sonny Joy Nelson and Kingsley Cortes are both former Trump campaign staffers who work for the social media platform GETTR, which has received plenty of publicity as big-name influencers jump ship amidst censorship on Twitter.

Cortes shares a recent Twitter suspension for 'COVID misinformation' that she believes stems from a statement regarding child vaccination.

While discussing everything from new website features to how 'blue' cities are an “awful place to be,” Nelson and Cortes comment on Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's recent trip to Florida while her state is in lockdown, and New York's new, and possibly worse-than-De Blasio, Mayor Eric Adams.

Exclusive to RebelNews+ subscribers, Andrew asks about Dr. Fauci's credibility and the recent spat between commentator Elijah Schaffer and GETTR, as Schaffer claimed the site shadowbanned him and isn't actually a free speech platform.

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