Anti-Israel protesters block Regina railroad tracks

The blockade is the second in recent memory in Regina, with the first occurring on a railway in First Nation's Treaty Four Territory in November.

Anti-Israel protesters block Regina railroad tracks
X / massie_gillian, CJMENews, CKOMNews
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Six anti-Israel protesters were arrested on Wednesday morning after they blocked railroad tracks in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The protesters were seen holding a sign that read, "Treaty 4 Stands With Palestine, Arms Embargo Now." Eight people reportedly stood on the tracks.

Others were seen with signs that read, "Stop the Genocide" and "Free Palestine." Chants calling for an arms embargo also rang out, with protesters calling on the end of arms shipments to Israel.

Canada granted $28.5 million in arms export permits to Israel following the October 7th attack by Hamas. However, recent reports suggest that the Canadian government has not approved any permits since early January.

One protester named Oliver Davis told CJME that the group was comprised of a "bunch of concerned community members."

"I believe that [a protest] is necessary when we're having thousands of people killed in Gaza using money from Canada and weapons from Canada," he said. Commenting on the individuals who were arrested, Davis stated: "that the state prioritizes profit over people and over lives in Gaza." 

The protesters were later arrested by police, reportedly for trespassing. Protesters were presented with the choice of leaving or being arrested, with Davis being one of the people who left on their own accord.

“I think the people are listening, but our governments aren’t,” Davis said. “There has been a record of $28.5 million in arms sent to Israel from Canada since the genocide started Oct. 7. Well, the genocide has been going on for a long time, but it escalated on Oct. 7.”

Regina Police Service said that the six were arrested by the police force, but the Canadian Pacific Police would lead the investigation.

The blockade is the second in Regina in recent memory, with one having taken place on a railway in Treaty Four Territory in November. Treaty Four territory is said to represent 36 First Nations with over 60, 000 members in the jurisdiction that stretches approximately 195, 000 square kilometeres from southern Saskatchewan and a western segment of Manitoba. 

The latest blockade adds to a series of blockades and protests aimed at infrastructure. On Monday in Halifax, 21 individuals were arrested and charged following a sit-in downtown. Law enforcement intervened when the group declined to vacate the area.

Simultaneously, demonstrators disrupted a significant port in Vancouver, resulting in prolonged delays.

GCT Canada, a terminal operator at the port, reported that protesters unlawfully impeded container trucks' access to the Deltaport facility by obstructing traffic for several hours, Abby News reported.

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