Steven Guilbeault and UN staff try to stop Rebel News from asking questions

Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie reports from the UN plastics summit in Ottawa as thousands of delegates gather to discuss increasing regulations and the future of plastics.

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During the United Nations (UN) plastics summit, Steven Guilbeault, along with the UN, attempted multiple times to block Rebel News from attending Guilbeault’s press conference. We captured the incidents on camera and are exposing them in this report.

On April 26 in Ottawa, the UN held its plastic summit at the Shaw Centre. Approximately 4000 delegates from around the world were expected to participate. Rebel News was on the ground, accredited, and ready to bring the other side of the story. As elites and delegates convened to discuss the future of plastic, Rebel News shed light on the event and the dynamics at play.

Questions naturally arise about the accountability of these unelected delegates, especially considering the significant fuel consumption associated with their travel to Canada. All this to lecture and coerce the rest of the world through more regulation about reducing their consumption.

Rebel News, accredited to cover the event, faced hurdles in fulfilling its mandate to present an alternative perspective and ask probing questions.

During the first day of the summit, Guilbeault refused to answer the questions raised by Ezra Levant during a media gathering outside the Shaw Centre regarding the Twitter lawsuit against Guilbeault. Guilbeault, who illegally blocked the Rebel News CEO on Twitter, faced legal defeat in court. The $20,000 penalties owed to Ezra Levant were ultimately covered by taxpayers' funds.

Subsequently, Rebel News had its accreditation status changed to 'pending', prompting a swift legal response with the help of a Rebel News lawyer to restore access.

Efforts to obstruct journalism persisted, with UN staff attempting to expel Rebel News from press conferences and Guilbeault’s secretary lying to our Rebel reporter in an attempt to hide her boss from them.

The scheduled scrum on Friday, April 26, at 11:15 am, was relocated to block Rebel News from attending. Rebel News reporters stood their ground and attempted to uncover the lies spread by Guilbeault’s team. This report highlights the disruptions, lies, manipulation, and tactics used to prevent Rebel News from exercising press freedom.

This experience underscores the importance of independent media in challenging narratives and holding power to account.

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