Steven Guilbeault finally pays Rebel News — with YOUR money!

Despite arguing his account was personal, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault paid his debt using tax dollars. Ezra Levant is calling on Guilbeault to pay the money back to the people.

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Last week, Rebel News reported how time was running out for Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault to pay his debt after settling a lawsuit launched by Ezra Levant, who was blocked on X (formerly Twitter) by the minister.

While the matter might seem trivial on the surface, however Guilbeault's account is an official government account. This means that not only are staff involved with the account, it's also providing a government service.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra revealed the $20,000 cheque had arrived in time before the deadline, but it came with a catch. The cheque came from the Government of Canada — not Steven Guilbeault, which certainly differed from the minister's legal defence.

Ezra explained:

The lawsuit names Steven Guilbeault. He claims it was a personal Twitter account, that's what he said. And he personally is bound by the court order to keep us unbanned for the rest of his career. Him personally. 

But look who paid the $20,000 for it.

It was Guilbeault who blocked us, it was Guilbeault who claimed it was his personal account not a government account. It was Guilbeault who fought for two and a half years, foisting the cost onto taxpayers for his lawyers. It was Guilbeault who was ordered to pay and not to block me for the rest of his career. It was Guilbeault.

But look at the cheque. Look how the money came. Guilbeault didn't pay a cent — you did.

Because Guilbeault is trying to weasel out of paying his debt when violating Canadians' rights, we're calling on him to pay the money back. Go to and sign our petition demanding Guilbeault pay his own $20,000 penalty and not pass it off to taxpayers. Let's see if we can get 20,000 people to sign it — and then Ezra will try to hand it off to Guilbeault himself. 

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