Are you afraid of monkeypox? NYC reacts to latest health scare

According to the CDC, there are currently two monkeypox vaccines licensed by the FDA in the United States, and the effectiveness of both vaccines have not been supported in any human studies.

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While this dubious and potentially harmful drug Paxlovid is being handed out on the streets of NYC, officials are using another virus to scare New Yorkers into different questionable pharmaceutical treatments: monkeypox.

NYC is now the nation's monkeypox capital. Making up 20% of America’s total case count.

Manhattan Borough President and City Council Member, Mark Levine is lacking any type of medical or health-related degrees or credentials.

This hasn’t stopped Levine from being titled by The Washington Post as NYC’s Anthony Fauci because of his online public health commentary. Levine is cheering for public health related policies that many scientists have already claimed are dangerous. Levine has been using his social media presence to push for a mass, city-wide monkeypox vaccine campaign.

“More [monkeypox] vaccine is on its way here. It can't arrive soon enough. We need shots in arms to start again ASAP,” he tweeted. “The demand and need in NYC is huge.”

As of now, there have been zero monkeypox related deaths in the US, yet President Biden told reporters that “everybody should be concerned.” And yesterday, Fauci said that we need to take the threat of monkeypox more seriously.

According to the CDC, there are currently two monkeypox vaccines licensed by the FDA in the United States: ACAM2000 and JYNNEOS.

According to the CDC, the effectiveness of both vaccines against the current monkeypox outbreak has not been supported in any human studies. They also add that it should not be given to people who are pregnant or breastfeeding and it shouldn’t be given to any individuals with cardiac disease or weakened immune systems.

According to ACAM2000 clinical trial data, anywhere from 3% to 10% of vaccinated subjects experienced at least one severe adverse event, defined as “interfering with normal daily activities.”

Which means if New York City were to vaccinate everyone for monkeypox, anywhere from 240,000 to 800,000 people would have reactions so severe, it would interfere with their daily activities. This important information is not found on Levine’s social media as he touts the urgency of getting all New Yorkers vaccinated.

The US government recently ordered $120-million dollars worth of smallpox/monkeypox vaccines, so the pharmaceutical companies are getting paid by taxpayers.

While Bill Gates did warn of a smallpox outbreak during an interview last year, fact checkers will say since smallpox and monkeypox are different, his predictions on the current outbreak is debunked.

But here’s what fact checkers will fail to tell you:

In March of 2021, the National Threat Initiative (NTI) partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a tabletop exercise or simulation on reducing high-consequence biological threats. The threat? Monkeypox.

But how is Bill Gates involved? Gates funds both organizations to the tune of millions of dollars. Gates gives $1.2M dollars to the Munich Security Conference and funds the NTI to the tune of $3.5-million.

The simulation’s report said in response to the theoretical future monkeypox outbreak, increased surveillance and travel restrictions were advised and proved efficient to stopping the spread.

Where have we heard this before?

I went to NYC’s Thompkin’s Square park and asked New Yorkers if they’re in fact afraid of monkeypox and thankfully it seemed that the scare propaganda isn’t permeating the psyche of New Yorkers the way COVID messaging did.

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