NYC giving Pfizer's Paxlovid away for free — is this COVID antiviral safe?

Last week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced a program to that allows the city’s mobile COVID testing sites to prescribe Pfizer’s Paxlovid, their new antiviral treatment, away for free to any New Yorker who tests positive for COVID.

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This new program, which forks millions of dollars worth of taxpayer funds to Pfizer is being done under the guise of inequity.

According to The New York Times “health officials want to improve access to antiviral drugs for vulnerable New Yorkers who may not know about the treatment.”

Bloomberg journalist and businessman William Hastelstine, whose private organization Access Health, received $3-million from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation last year, applauded the city’s initiative but said a problem is proper “messaging” about the drug. Meaning people don’t understand how great it is.

But is it great?

Pfizer’s own website admits that Paxlovid is “only investigational” and says there is “limited information about the safety and effectiveness” of the drug.

The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, tested positive for COVID in April, and although generally COVID symptoms are mild, Mayor Adams credited Pfizer’s Paxlovid for his mild symptoms and quick recovery, despite it being impossible to draw that casualty.

Most recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci tested positive for COVID. Despite Fauci being double vaccinated and double boosted, he was experiencing symptoms. Fauci soon announced that he was also taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid.

After taking Paxlovid, Fauci began experiencing a “rebound of symptoms” and felt “really poorly”.

Bloomberg and ABC News reported on similar accounts of “viral rebound” after treatment with Paxlovid. Even the CDC has issued an emergency health advisory that Paxlovid has the potential to “rebound” COVID symptoms.

Pfizer is expecting to rake in $22-billion in profits from Paxlovid, almost entirely on the taxpayers' dime.

Watch the report from NYC here to find out more about the dubious and potentially harmful drug being handed out on city streets by the government.

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