WATCH: Avi Yemini DESTROYS Dan Andrews supporter at street rally

Victorians celebrate Premier Daniel Andrews' resignation outside Parliament.

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Thousands of Victorians gathered outside the Victorian Parliament in Melbourne to celebrate the sudden resignation of Premier Dan Andrews after his nine-year tenure.

The resignation marked the end of an era, and emotions ran high among those in attendance.

Many Victorians couldn't contain their joy at his departure, with those who took to the streets happy to see the back of a man they called 'Dictator Dan' after his authoritarian-style lockdown of the state during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amid the celebration, some confrontations took place, with one individual labelling the crowd as "alt-right" or "Nazis" without being able to substantiate the claims.

However, most attendees were quick to disavow such labels, emphasising the importance of respectful dialogue and unity in a diverse society.

Despite differing opinions on Premier Andrews, the prevailing sentiment among the crowd was a sense of relief and hoping that a new era was beginning in Victorian politics.

As the celebrations continued into the night, it was evident that Victorians were ready for a fresh start, free from the controversies and challenges that marked the former premier's time in office.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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