Bearded bikini model lashes out again: 'trans women are women'

Deni Todorovic, a non-binary activist, challenged Victorian Liberal Party President Greg Mirabella on the recent nine-month suspension of MP Moira Deeming from the party for attending the Let Women Speak rally in Melbourne.

Bearded bikini model lashes out again: 'trans women are women'
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Deni Todorovic, the bearded bikini model who replaced female models as the brand ambassador for swimwear company Seafolly, clashed with Liberal Party President Greg Mirabella last night on ABC's Q&A.

The pair disagreed over the suspension of MP Moira Deeming from the party after she attended a women's rights rally outside the Victorian Parliament, which was gatecrashed by neo-Nazi groups.

Todorovic made headlines last month when photos were released just before International Women’s Day featuring the bearded non-binary activist posing in bikini bottoms with penis bulge clearly visible.

He condemned Deeming's attendance at the rally, saying that it was "literally Posie's MO" and that by being there, Deeming was approving anti-trans rhetoric. Todorovic also pointed out the high rate of suicide among trans people aged 14 to 25.

Mirabella defended Deeming, saying that he believed she regretted attending the rally and that her first priority was pro-women. However, when Todorovic interjected to point out that trans women are women, Mr. Mirabella declined to engage on the topic.

The discussion was part of a broader episode of Q&A that saw Mirabella in the hot seat as host Stan Grant fielded audience questions on why the Liberal party lost the Aston by-election over the weekend.

Mr. Mirabella, who was previously a Senator for Victoria but lost his 2022 re-election bid to Ralph Babet from the United Australia Party, was a last-minute addition to the show's line up after Victorian Opposition Leader John Pesutto pulled out of the program just hours before Q&A aired live.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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