Bearded trans activist picked as bikini brand ambassador

Australian Swimwear brand Seafolly replaces iconic female models with 34yo biological male.

Bearded trans activist picked as bikini brand ambassador
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Iconic swimwear brand Seafolly is using a transgendered woman with a beard to advertise its bikinis.

The company announced trans activist Deni Todorovic as an official swimwear ambassador, replacing previous ambassadors like Miranda Kerr and Lara Worthington.

Todorovic is a 34-year-old biological man who uses they/them pronouns and identifies as a woman.

Deni posed in lime green Seafolly bikini bottoms and a matching cover-up for a campaign shoot released in time International Women's Day.

While the Australian company boasted about making “history” in a gushing Instagram post.

“This marks the first time iconic Aussie swim giants @seafollyaustralia have worked with a trans ambassador/brand partner,” Deni said.

Seafolly didn’t explain how a biological man posing in women’s swimwear would assist women in knowing if they wanted to purchase it.

But they insisted it was a way of showing they were “inclusive” and proving their LGBTQ “allyship”.

But the public reaction was not so flattering.

Seafolly had to intervene on their own social media post when negative comments threatened to overwhelm the account.

One customer wrote: “As a woman, this is not what I want to look like in a bikini.”

Another commented: “I won't be buying this product. People need to get back to reality. Stop making our world into a circus.”

The Seafolly marketing team condemned the “hateful language”, berating their potential customers.

“We are here to celebrate the Australian beach lifestyle and inspire one another to feel confident at the beach,” the brand said.

“In this community, we do not tolerate abusive, offensive, hateful language, trolling, deliberate disruption of discussion, or spam.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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