Bernier, Hillier ticketed during tense rally in Peterborough, Ontario

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Last Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest in Peterborough, Ont., featured People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier as keynote speakers. But the event actually got off to a rollicking start the day before. That’s because Peterborough Mayor Diane Therrien was clearly not thrilled that certain politicians were coming to her municipality to do such egregious things as, oh, practice freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Shockers!

So it was that this woke-joke of a mayor actually tweeted the following:

“Hey @randyhillier @MaximeBernier I know you boys are bored but,” the mayor tweeted, along with a photo of herself with a written quote in a bubble saying “Stay TF home.”

(In terms of “TF,” we assume the T is “the” and the F is a four-letter word that rhymes with “duck.”)

The great orator also tweeted: “The travelling clown convention isn’t welcome here. @randyhillier @MaximeBernier.”

Well, it appears the potty-mouth politician didn’t succeed in scaring anyone away. Some 1,200 people assembled at Confederation Square, home of Peterborough’s cenotaph. (Though we wonder if Her Worship believes that those Canadians who fought for our rights in so many wars overseas were a bunch of clowns, too…?)

It was a joyous occasion until Bernier and Hillier left the podium. That’s because both were promptly intercepted by members of the Peterborough Police Service and given tickets for the egregious crime… of speaking in a public park?

This was certainly déjà vu all over again for Hillier.

Recently, Belleville police Chief Mike Callaghan also embraced the spirit of heavy-handed law enforcement as he announced that Hillier was under investigation for engaging in constitutionally protected political protests.

In any event, the mood in the park turned livid, as Peterborough cops endured a deluge of expletives and middle fingers as they handed out tickets.

It makes one ponder: who were the real clowns that day?

People embracing such constitutional rights as freedom of mobility, association, speech and assembly (all of which are increasingly under the gun these days)? Or was it Mayor Therrien and the Peterborough cops who, by their words and actions, resembled so many Ronald McDonalds and Pennywises that day?

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