Bill Morneau must pay taxpayers back for his failed attempt to get a new job

New, exclusive documents obtained by Rebel News reveal the failed bid to get the disgraced Finance Minister selected to be the head of the OECD in Paris cost Canadian hundreds of thousands of dollars more than previously reported.

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Morneau, so wealthy in his own right that he once forgot to declare a French villa on an ethics disclosure, married into the McCain family, one of Canada's richest.

Morneau was forced to resign when he failed to recuse himself from the decision to award a contract to administer a COVID bailout program to the WE Organization. Morneau's family, like the Trudeaus before them, were caught on the payroll for taking freebies from the Kielburger-run operation.

After he resigned from cabinet, Morneau didn't fade away in shame like a normal person might. Instead, he and the Liberals used your taxpayer dollars to run to be the next secretary general for the OECD.

Previous reports stated that this international vanity project cost $11,000. But thanks to your generous donations at, we obtained documents proving Morneau spent hundreds of thousands more, including almost $100,000 for travel, 607 euros ($784 CAD) for a rush order of brochures, 68 euros ($88 CAD) for novelty placemats, and $6,000 in hospitality in Paris for his charm offence. And none of that includes the time and labour of the Global Affairs bureaucrats working on the long job application.

But, the fish, as they say, were not biting, and Morneau could not secure the new gig. Back to spending his curly fry money.

As a member of one of Canada’s richest families, you and I should not be on the hook for Bill Morneau's OECD campaign materials and $100,000 in travel expenses for a failed attempt to curry global elites into giving him a new job.

That’s why Rebel News launched a petition demanding that Morneau pay the money back.

If you agree that Canadians should not have to foot the bill for Morneau’s failed ego trip, go to to sign our petition or click right here. If we get enough signatures, we will deliver this petition straight to Global Affairs, which coordinated this embarrassing campaign.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Pay The Money Back

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Goal: 12,000 Signatures

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