Billboard Chris fights back against Australia's controversial chief censor

Canadian activist Chris Elston challenges Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, over social media censorship dispute.

Billboard Chris fights back against Australia's controversial chief censor
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Canadian anti-child mutilation activist Chris Elston has issued a new challenge to Australia’s controversial eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant. 

Known online as 'Billboard Chris,' Elston posted to X a copy of his notice of appeal against the Australian Government's contentious ultimatum to remove a post deemed 'offensive'.

In the original post, Elston shared news about Australian female-to-male trans activist Teddy Cook, questioning her suitability as a WHO expert panel drafting guidelines for 'trans healthcare.'

Elston linked to a news article which reported on Cook's questionable past public social media posts about bondage, bestiality, nudism and drugs.

"Only tyrannical governments try to control what people can see, or what they can say," Elston said said at the time.

On Wednesday, Elston took to X to thank supporters and shared news of his challenge to what he said was "an authoritarian arm of the government run by an unelected, far-left bureaucrat who has called for a recalibration of free speech, and who uses her power to arbitrarily silence truth she doesn’t like."

 "I have just submitted a Notice of Appeal, legally challenging the censorship of Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant," he posted.

"This appeal is the first of its kind against the eSafety Commissioner.

"I am thrilled to be the recipient of Julie Inman Grant’s unfortunate decision to censor me, and I will fight this until I win, or until all options are exhausted. Then I will fight some more.

"Children cannot consent to puberty blockers!"

Cook has described herself as a 'professional queer, man of trans experience', and has drawn concern over advocacy of taxpayer-funded surgeries for all trans Australians.

Despite resistance from Elston, who refused to comply with the removal notice, the post was eventually taken down.

Inman Grant, a former Twitter employee, has courted controversy with censorship concerns, telling World Economic Forum attendees that free speech needs a 'recalibration' in 2022.

Last year she set her sights on Musk, issuing X a $600,000 fine along with threats of further action for what she labelled as 'deficient reporting' on its efforts against online child sexual abuse material.

She was grilled by Queensland One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts in parliament over her WEF attendance, particularly focusing on the costs incurred by Australian taxpayers for her international travel.

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