BREAKING: Alberta hero is suing Maclean’s magazine for defaming him

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Do you remember the anti-pipeline rain blockades earlier this year, and the “severely normal” Albertan men who cleared one track off? 

We loved the story so much that we brought a case to beer to each of the men we could identify!

But Maclean’s magazine's reaction was to publish a defamatory article along with a photograph clearly showing blockade buster Chase Chomey, saying that the group of men were white-supremacist vigilantes!

Chase isn't racist, and since Maclean’s used his picture to accompany their bizarre rant, we decided to help Chase fight back.

A few days ago, we filed a $50,000 lawsuit against Maclean’s on Chase’s behalf.

You can see the lawyer’s “libel notice” we sent to Maclean’s below. To read more, and to chip in a few dollars to help cover our costs, please visit

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

Alberta hero is suing Maclean’s magazine for defaming him

A Good Samaritan cleared an illegal railway blockade. Maclean’s called him racist, so he's suing for defamation. Will you support him?


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