CAUGHT: Liberals lied about contracts to radical anti-oil Pembina Institute

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Alberta Conservative MP Earl Dreeshen asked the Liberals a question he already knew the answer to and he caught them in a lie about the amounts of taxpayer money the Feds are dishing out to their favorite anti-oil activists.

The Alberta Conservative MP for Red Deer-Mountian View used an order paper question to ask:

With regard to contracts granted by any department, agency, Crown corporation, or other government entity, since January 1, 2017, to the Pembina Institute: (a) who authorized the contract; (b) what are the contracts' references and file numbers; (c) what are the dates of the contracts; (d) what are the descriptions of the services provided; (e) what are the delivery dates; (f) what are the original contracts' values; and (g) what are the final contracts' values, if different from the original contracts' values?

The Pembina Institute is the Alberta arm of the US-funded Tar Sands campaign to landlock Canadian oil and gas using Rockefeller Foundation money to do it.

Independent researcher Vivian Kraus has uncovered $8.2 million flowing to Pembina Institute from foreign sources to fight against the Canadian oil and gas industry.

The Liberals responded to the order paper by saying they had NEVER granted a contract to the Pembina Institute. Dreeshen disagreed and pointed to Pembina contracts listed on the government’s contract website as proof, Winnipeg MP Kevin Lamoureaux doubled down before Seamus O’Regan finally apologized, blaming staff for the wrong answer.

In reality, since 2017, the Liberal government has awarded $183,000 in contracts to Pembina.

The seven contracts are for all manner of things from research on universal energy labeling to “issuing a report on the national energy board modernization” to “management consulting on an environmental scan of initiatives and requirements in provinces and territories in the area of building commissioning.”

All but one of the contracts was structured to fall just under the mandated amount to require open tendering.

It pays to do the Liberals anti-oil dirty work.

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  • By David Menzies

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