Chaos unfolds at Mission school board’s 'SOGI Myth Busters' event

An uproar arose from parents opposed to the role SOGI 123 plays in the sexual indoctrination of kids in schools after Superintendent Angus Wilson announced that they would only be reading selected questions from a written format.

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A "SOGI Myth Busters" event hosted by Mission Public Schools District 75 came to an abrupt stop on Tuesday, and Rebel News captured the chaos that unfolded.

The information session, held at Mission's Clarke Foundation Theatre, aimed to address concerns viewed as "myths" by the district, raised by parents who oppose Western Canada’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity program SOGI 123.

One common concern is the inability for parents to opt out, even though the program encourages the educators to adopt and pass on the ideology that children can be born in the wrong body and become the opposite sex.

Critics also express worries about sexually explicit books being approved for school libraries under the label of “SOGI-inclusive resources.”

Click on the full video report to witness parents opposing the program and criticizing Superintendent Angus Wilson's decision not to take vocal questions during the supposed Q&A period.

You will also see the moment of cognitive dissonance when a pro-SOGI attendee has a change of heart after we showed her examples of the sexually explicit "SOGI-inclusive" learning resources many parents want out of their kids' school libraries.

If you appreciate that unlike the “Myth Busters” at this so-called information session, Rebel News doesn’t back down from showing you the real reasons people are speaking out against the sexualization of kids in schools, please consider donating what you can to cover our expenses at

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