Climate Barbie bids adieu, but not before applauding a Toronto beach that isn't much of a beach

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Alas and alack, Catherine McKenna won’t be running in the next federal election.

(Gee, could it be that even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has grown weary of her tiresome act?)

McKenna says she’s getting out of Dodge for various reasons. First, there’s all that online hate she’s had to endure over the years.

(Golly, who knew this woman of privilege was such a victim?)

And, naturally, she wants to spend more time with her kids (when it comes to propaganda programming, “get ‘em young, get ‘em forever” as the old Marxist saying goes).

Oh, and not mentioned by Ms. McKenna: she now qualifies for a lifetime six-figure pension. Talk about Freedom 55! Well, at least the canine community is surely happy about her eventual departure from politics…

Yet, McKenna’s last official photo-op prior to her au revoir announcement — namely, a tour of Toronto’s concrete jungle waterfront last week — revealed all one needs to know about McKenna in terms of selling the sizzle rather than the steak.

Namely, the former Climate Barbie dropped by Canada’s Sugar Beach (not to be confused with Canada’s Wonderland) and waxed poetically regarding this prime example of supposed Hogtown urban renewal.

Check out what the gushing press release had to say:

The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities visited Canada's Sugar Beach – the transformed Waterfront Toronto park that was once a surface parking lot in a former industrial area. Featuring a plaza, a tree-lined promenade and views of large freighters docking in the slip to deliver sugar to the neighbouring Redpath factory, the accessible urban beach is but one of the many Waterfront Toronto revitalization projects to embody Canada's infrastructure ambitions: to build public infrastructure that provides economic, social and environmental benefits for people across the country.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Except for one small hitch: usually, when one goes to the beach, there is a reasonable expectation that one will be able to actually go into the water for a swim. A beach without water is, well, a desert. But you wouldn’t want to dip a toe (or any other body part) in the Lake Ontario water surrounding Canada’s Sugar Beach. This H2O is very polluted indeed.

In fact, by law, one is prohibited from swimming here — and trust us: that is one law you do not want to break. And exactly how is this area a “former industrial area,” given there’s a sugar refining plant just a football field away from Canada’s Sugar Beach?

In fact, this “accessible urban beach” is still nothing more than a parking lot, albeit with sand replacing cars.

And so it is that this plot of land is really beach in name only. The fact that McKenna pretended that it was something else and something precious tells you all you need to know about a minister who was always beholden to style over substance.

Good riddance.

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