Conservative Commentator Dominique Samuel comments on: WEF, U.K. Leadership and Immigration

'When it comes to Ukraine, it feels like our leaders are just recklessly pushing us towards World War Three and we're all paying the price,' says Dominique Samuel.

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In this report, I sat down with Dominique Samuels, a Conservative commentator and contributor to the likes of GB News, GETTR and has made various appearances on prime-time television shows such as Good Morning Britain, Jeremy Vine, Talk TV and many more.

The topics at hand were themed around how the U.K. has a crisis for absolutely everything, from a leadership crisis, to immigration, to people who won’t be able to pay for their bills this winter.

We weighed in on the current primaries which is soon to come to a close between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, and how the people want to know their connections with the world economic forum. 

We also weighed in on the Ukraine situation and how the narrative surrounding Ukraine is beginning to crumble and change course when more money is being sent to Ukraine at the taxpayers' expense.

And finally, immigration, where the country has faced waves and waves of illegal immigrants making their way across the English Channel from Calais to Dover with no mitigation or solution in clear site.

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