COPS CALLED: Tims Camps keeps vax mandate despite petition

Instead of accepting a 310-page petition signed on behalf of concerned citizens, the fearless leaders at the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps home office called the police.

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Earlier this week, I attempted to submit a 310-page petition to the listed “home office” of Tim Hortons Foundation Camps in St. George, Ontario.

My videographer Isabelle and I made the trek to represent the nearly 27,000 signatories who went out of their way to sign my petition at Let Kids

The basis of the petition was that simple: let kids camp regardless of their medical choices.

To put this all into context – it was brought to my attention a few months ago that the managers at Tims Camps were imposing unscientific and discriminatory mandates on all of their staff and youth aged 12 and up. They are still enforcing full vaccination of all campers and staff despite all government directives being long removed. Oddly, Tims Camps does not post this policy or any relevant information about it publicly. The tip came to me anonymously from a concerned parent who was able to forward me communications between them and camp coordinator, Julie Proulx.

Later, I received another tip that the person responsible for this outdated policy may be the Human Resources Senior Manager of Camp Operations, April Brown.

When we reached the destination in St. George, we were met by a literal gatekeeper – a Tims Camps staffer in a red pickup truck who scurried away while saying “no we’re good” when I mentioned that I was hoping to submit some documents to the personnel at the head office. After several attempts to call the number listed on the gate, leaving a voicemail for both the general mailbox and one specifically for April Brown, my colleague and I were wrapping up our failed attempt when local law enforcement showed up. There must not be a lot of crime in the St. George area.

I asked the officer if he happened to be in the neighbourhood (keeping in mind that we were in the boondocks) but he confirmed he had been called to the scene for my colleague and I. Apparently, he was told we were behind the gate and trespassing, which we established was not true. As a mother myself, trespassing onto private property that is potentially housing underaged youth is creepy and not my style. 

The officer was unable to assist us in dropping off the petition despite being in touch with whomever the gatekeeper was. He recommended that we call and e-mail – things I have been doing for months to no avail. Just as the officer was pulling out of the entrance where we remained parked to wrap up the report, the same woman in the red truck drove by slowly before speeding off again once she realized that he was leaving.

The managers at Tims Camps must be shaking in their boots at the thought of receiving a stack of papers showing just how many concerned citizens oppose their unjustified and discriminatory policy.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

PETITION: Let Kids Camp

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