Could Ottawa be the wokest city in Ontario? LET’S TAKE A TOUR!

In this video, William Diaz-Berthiaume brings you on a tour of Mayor Jim Watson’s city, Ottawa, in a woke fashion.

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Everyone has seen what the city of Ottawa looked like during the Freedom Convoy back in February. Everyone has seen what the city of Ottawa looked like during the Canada Day celebrations.

But have you ever seen what downtown Ottawa looks like when woke civilians are left in their natural habitat? Without being confronted by freedom protesters or more conservative-leaning folks?

This is a city where the Canadian flag seems less important than the LGBT rainbow coalition flag.

Well, in this video, Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume steps away from his role as a reporter and becomes your tour guide in Mayor Jim Watson’s woke city.

To begin the tour, Diaz-Berthiaume visits the University of Ottawa, and apparently, this has become the home of socialism and Marxism. Indeed, across the small campus more than a dozen socialist and Marxist signs could be observed.

Could this be the reason why most young male-feminists straight out of university, who likely spent more time partying than actually learning, are becoming increasingly more Marxist?

Next on the list is the National Arts Centre. Since you have a show to attend in the evening, you’ll want to see what the building will look like.

And as soon as you arrive, the first thing you notice on every door is a progress Pride LGBT flag! The NAC really wishes to have all their entrances inclusive!

Then, since you are infuriated at Justin Trudeau’s government, like most people are nowadays, you make your way to Parliament Hill, along a road that isn’t without its own woke signage. Indeed, there is a phenomenal amount of woke signs and stickers, even Antifa imagery as well!

But it is not acceptable to place signs in support of the freedom movement, or signs denouncing Justin Trudeau. On Canada Day it wasn’t even acceptable to enter the Hill with a flag stating “F Trudeau”.

This is what Mayor Watson’s disastrous woke and liberal city is really all about.

Arriving on Parliament Hill, after having made your way to Confederation Block, you will have the honour of seeing a Bernie Sanders sign in the window of one member of Parliament.

Yes, that’s right. Bernie Sanders. IN CANADA! Who would be crazy enough to endorse the far-left delusional socialist politician?

And of course, the church in front of Parliament Hill is a progressive church that also displays a progress Pride flag.

What a great city, and what a great decision by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to decide to award Watson with an extraordinary amount of power as a mayor.


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