BREAKING: Court LIFTS suppression order in shocking Melbourne assault

Court decision reveals shocking details of kidnapping and assault as prominent anti-Israel activists with links to left-wing powerbrokers are unmasked.

Court LIFTS suppression order in shocking Melbourne assault
Laura Allam and Mohammad Sharab / Supplied.
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The Melbourne Magistrates' Court has ordered the lifting of the suppression order surrounding a high-profile case involving a shocking assault.

Rebel News has spearheaded the campaign to have the suppression order lifted, advocating for transparency and accountability. Mainstream media outlets joined the fight, highlighting the importance of public access to information.

The case revolves around the alleged kidnapping and brutal assault of a 31-year-old Melbourne man by pro-Hamas activists.

It can now be reported that Melbourne-based anti-Israel activist, Laura Allam, was apprehended on charges ranging from kidnapping to assault. Her alleged accomplice Mohammad Sharab can also now be named.

However, the court ruled in favour of suppressing other specific details surrounding the case.

Allam is well known for her activism against Israel and is a prominent member of Australia's Muslim-Lebanese community and reportedly has close ties to feminist activist Clementine Ford.

She allegedly has links to a range of prominent left-wing powerbrokers including Greens senators David Shoebridge, Janet Rice, Jordan Steele-John, Dorinda Cox and Mehreen Faruqi.

Allam had previously claimed to be the CEO of an Islamic relief charity named the Al Jannah Foundation. However, media investigations have revealed that the foundation ceased operations back in 2023.

Allam's influential online presence took a significant turn following the invasion of Israel by Hamas, during which she allegedly expressed support for the attacks.

On October 8, the day following the Hamas terror attacks killed over 1200 people, Allam reportedly posted she had “woken up to some great news from our beloved Palestine.”

Prior to her arrest and the subsequent closure of her social media accounts, Allam reportedly made other inflammatory social media posts revealing her deep-seated grievances against Israel.

Sharab was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment , armed robbery, threats to kill, intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, unlawful assault and assault with a weapon.

In a chilling twist, Sharab appeared to threaten Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini and before assaulting independent journalist Rukshan Fernando as he was reporting on a City of Melbourne council meeting that had controversially tabled a ceasefire motion.

Rebel News and other media outlets faced legal restrictions in reporting on the case due to an extraordinary suppression order. However, the pursuit of transparency led to today's ruling, marking a significant victory for press freedom and the public's right to know.

Allam and Sharab will face Melbourne Magistrates' Court on May 31.

The legal battle surrounding the suppression order underscored broader concerns about the transparency of the justice system and the importance of media scrutiny in holding authorities accountable.

By lifting the suppression order, the Melbourne Magistrates' Court has taken a crucial step towards ensuring justice is served and the public is informed.

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