WATCH: Rebel News to fight suppression order PROTECTING violent extremists

Avi Yemini reveals shocking details surrounding an alleged case of kidnapping and torture suppressed by a baffling court order as Rebel News leads the fight for transparency.

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Rebel News is continuing the fight to lift a third suppression order relating to the disturbing violent attack in Melbourne.

While anti-Israel activist Laura Allam, and alleged accomplice Mohammad Sharab were recently named as being charged by Victoria Police for allegedly kidnapping and brutally torturing a Melbourne man, the identity of a third alleged accomplice remains under wraps.

The 31-year-old victim was reportedly subjected to severe beatings, including with a hammer.

Court documents detail a harrowing sequence of events, alleging that Allam and three masked accomplices violently assaulted the victim, ultimately forcing him into a vehicle after inflicting severe injuries.

A previous suppression order effectively silenced media coverage of the case, preventing the disclosure of vital information. But a third order remains in place.

That's why Rebel News has engaged top media lawyer Justin Quill, and we're determined to challenge this suppression order. We plan to shed light on the alarming rise of connected incidents of antisemitic violence and ensure transparency in reporting.

If you can and are willing, please help us ensure we can cover whatever our portion of the battle will be by donating using the form on this page or sharing the link with others using

We're going to go all the way, even now the other media networks have dropped out, but we need your help!

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