Court Update: Sarah Miller breaks down legal efforts to secure Pastor Artur's release

Sarah Miller explains a publication ban that limits our capacity to report on details of the case, and talks about a potential release date for the Calgary pastor.

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski has now been in jail for 45 days. He had previously been denied bail on the basis that he is likely to offend again, but what are his offences?

Ultimately, all of these charges stem from opening his church, feeding the homeless, attending protests and preaching at the Coutts blockade in Southern Alberta, at times in violation of COVID-19 restrictions that are no longer in effect.

The very worst sanctions and terms of imprisonment he would face for these offences usually yield shorter terms of imprisonment than Pastor Artur has already served, and yet he remains behind bars, largely in solitary confinement.

Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers has been working tirelessly on Pastor Artur’s behalf since his first COVID-19 related arrest, thanks to your generous support at

This week, she was busy in court appealing Artur’s denial of bail. She joined me to discuss as much of the case as she could, to explain a publication ban that limited our capacity to report some details from court, to breakdown the charges facing Pastor Artur, and to discuss the prognosis for a potential release date.

Even if Pastor Artur is successful in winning this bail appeal, he still has legal barricades that need to be navigated before he can go home, he is counting on your support now more than ever to ensure he has excellent legal representation.

To ensure that Sarah Miller can continue working on Artur’s behalf, please consider making a tax receipt eligible donation to his legal fees at

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  • By Adam Soos

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