Pastor Artur denied bail, what's next for his legal team?

Lawyer Sarah Miller talks to Rebel News about the effort to free Pastor Artur Pawlowski after Judge Erin Olsen denied granting the pastor's bail earlier this week.

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The ongoing legal harassment that Pastor Artur Pawlowski has endured has garnered international attention. He was not the only pastor arrested in the province of Alberta, but he undeniably has the greatest notoriety of Alberta’s jailed pastors. Protests have occurred around the world in support of him, and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley even suggested that Canada should be put on a watch list for religious persecution based on one of Artur’s prior arrests.

From arbitrary, and now lapsed, health measures being enforced by unelected health bureaucrats to Soviet-style compelled sentencing from disjointed judges, it is not only Pastor Artur who has garnered attention. The notoriety of the legal system which sought to stifle his free speech and Charter rights has also grown, but their reputation on the global stage is now one of infamy.

The charges for which Pastor Artur Pawlowski is currently being held include trespassing, mischief over $5,000 and a historical first charge under the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act. The last of these charges stems for Pastor Artur attending the Coutts, Alberta blockade in order to preach and pray with the protesters.

You can watch my legal update on those charges with Sarah Miller, Artur’s legal counsel, here.

Yesterday, I was once again joined by Sarah to break down the shocking denial of bail by Judge Erin Olsen, and to discuss how it is possible that a pastor who feeds the homeless, reads the Bible and opens his church has come to be deemed too great a risk to society to be released on bail. We also discussed the plan moving forward and the efforts to free Pastor Artur.

Please consider chipping in to help Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers and her team of lawyers working to secure Pastor Artur’s release. Donations made at go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, so you will receive a tax receipt for your contribution to Pastor Artur’s legal defence.

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  • By Adam Soos

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