'Coutts 4' protester wins chance for new bail hearing

Ezra Levant reports from Lethbridge, where Chris Carbert, one of the four men facing serious charges from the Coutts border blockade, won a chance for a new bail hearing.

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Yesterday, in Lethbridge, Alberta, one of the four men facing serious charges from the Coutts border blockade appeared before a judge for a review of his bail hearing.

Last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show saw Ezra provide the background details to the case and Rebel News' involvement in providing lawyers to the protesters, along with an update on this review.

The lawyer for the accused, Chris Carbert, argued there were sufficient new facts that should grant another bail hearing. And the judge agreed with Carbert's lawyer.

As Ezra explained, this small victory matters:

It's a chance to present his case, his new plan, his new facts to a judge and he might actually have a chance to be released. So it was not the main hearing yet, that is yet to come.


Tamara Lich was put in jail for 49 days and it was an outrage, but finally she was sprung. Artur Pawlowski was put in jail for 52 days and finally he was sprung.

But in the case of these four men, they've been in jail for more than 600 days, and if their bail is not reviewed they'll likely be in jail for hundreds more.

So, naturally, people sense the enormity of pre-trial, pre-conviction custody. These men are presumed innocent until they're found guilty. So you have men with the legal presumption of innocence who are serving hard time.

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