Ding-dong! Canadian soldiers going door-to-door, but why?

David Menzies reports from Hensall, Ontario, where reservists from the Canadian Armed Forces carried out a training exercise that saw soldiers knocking on the doors of local residents.

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An odd sight emerged in the little Ontario village of Hensall (pop. 1,173) last Saturday afternoon. Namely, dozens of Canadian Armed Forces personnel (mostly reservists) went door-knocking as they conducted so-called “wellness checks.”

According to the CAF in an emailed statement, this was all part and parcel of something called Exercise Trillium Venture, which is described as a:

Joint Task Force Central (JTFC) training event that prepares CAF members to respond to natural disasters in Ontario when called upon by the Government of Canada.

The training scenario focuses on extreme heat to prepare military personnel to respond to potential wildfires this year.

This training event will practice the planning and execution of a domestic operation such as Operation Lentus which is the CAF response to natural disasters in Canada.

The objectives of Operation LENTUS are:

  • to help provincial and territorial authorities in saving lives, preventing suffering, and protecting vital infrastructure;
  • to respond quickly and effectively to the crisis; and
  • to stabilize the natural disaster situation.

The CAF also noted: “The wellness check during this training will not involve collection of information, and soldiers will not ask any private health questions. This is entirely voluntary and is more a chance for residents to meet the soldiers and for us to deliver the information the county wishes them to have.”

Rebel News was on the scene Saturday. Both the soldiers and the residents were friendly to one and other. And it would appear that the ultimate goal of the soldiers was to deliver a bookmark-sized pamphlet noting the sort of supplies to have on hand in case of an emergency (i.e., batteries, candles, extra food and water and so on.)

Still, the question arises: is delivering pamphlets the best use of armed forces resources? Surely Canada Post could’ve carried out such a “mission” at a far lower cost?

Also, there is much speculation online regarding the potential unspoken strategy behind this exercise.

For example, was this a dress rehearsal in terms of the military being deployed to carry out a future gun grab? Or to carry out a “vax check” on citizens? There was a small group of anti-Trudeau demonstrators on hand that day, and certainly those were the concerns they were espousing.

And while such theories might seem outlandish, are they really? The last few years Canadians have seen their civil liberties abridged in an egregious fashion, from the implementation of the Emergencies Act to law-abiding Canadians having their bank accounts frozen.

Is it any wonder why so many people increasingly question the true motives of the Trudeau Liberals?

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