David Johnston is hugely downplaying his friendship with Trudeau

Ezra Levant discusses the hidden ties and potential conflict of interest between former Governor General David Johnston and Prime Minister Trudeau.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed former Governor General David Johnston, a man with close ties to both communist China and the Trudeau family.

Ezra spoke about how Johnston, during his investigation into foreign interference, failed to distance himself from his ties to Trudeau, displaying a disturbing conflict of interest. His refusal to recuse himself, even when suggested by a reporter, demonstrates an arrogant belief in his untouchability.

Ezra then played a video of David Johnson trying to downplay his relationship with Trudeau, where he said “My friendship with the current Prime Minister was based only on a few skiing expeditions with my children,” although the two of them were lifelong friends who went skiing together regularly along with their families.

“Yeah, I, I don't think that actually disproved the allegation, David. He literally mocked a reporter for suggesting they were friends. He said that Trudeau was his ‘so-called’ friend. Really?” said Ezra.

He went on to play another clip from a few years back, where David Johnston refers to the Trudeaus as “good friends.”

Ezra concluded:

Yeah, I, I think they're more than just so-called friends that, that's from David Johnston's own mouth and he looked at reporters straight in the eyes and he lied the other day, he lied like a Trudeau family member lies. Isn't that something? The old governor general? The old reliable guy trusted by both sides. He has sullied himself, dirtied himself. He's in his eighties now. I think he's 81. He should be spending his time with his grandchildren. He should be enjoying the golden years of his life after a life of service, but he's torching his life's reputation and his family name for what, to protect Trudeau because he took dirty money? Or maybe Johnson's in on it too. I mean, Johnston continued to do business with the communist China even after he was governor general. Why would he keep in touch with them? What kind of business did he have with them? Which side was he working, for Canada or China? Why wasn't that in his report? Well, it's like putting OJ in charge of finding the real killers. That's David Johnson.

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