It’s so disillusioning to see people like a former Governor General and a former Supreme Court judge soil themselves

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Despite the prevailing image of power and propriety, some of Canada's most respected political figures appear to be compromised, entangled in a web of questionable ties to Beijing. We're not only talking about elected politicians; the concern lies deep within the heart of our nation's "Deep State."

Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses former Governor General David Johnston, a man who epitomizes the bureaucratic stalwart, and who has been an intriguing study.

A picture-perfect governor general, he’s led an ostensibly scandal-free life compared to Trudeau’s controversial nominees such as Julie Payette and Mary Simon.

Yet, underneath the affable grandfatherly image lurks a man who, despite a judicial rebuke in 2019, banned Rebel News and True North from attending the national leaders' debates at the behest of his political masters. 

One of Johnston's most startling acts has been his decision to send his daughters to university in China. This isn't about superior education – Chinese academia prioritizes rote learning and obedience, and students are often selected based on their political connections.

So why would Johnston prefer China over Western academic institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, or the Sorbonne? The answer seems to be about building connections.

Johnston's interaction with China, including his role in welcoming Chinese propaganda agencies into Canadian universities, paints a chilling picture of a man deeply entrenched in the Chinese machinery. 

The Trudeau family's close ties to China are also worth examining. The Trudeau family and their cabinet have made regular appearances at various Chinese government events. A disproportionate number of Chinese diplomats in Canada raises concerns about Beijing's penetration into our bureaucracy.

The true nature of these ties remains nebulous, but the regular interactions between high-ranking Canadian officials and the Chinese Communist Party raises serious questions about potential conflicts of interest.

This pattern of questionable connections isn't just limited to politicians. Prominent judicial figures like former Supreme Court judge Beverley McLachlin have similarly dubious ties.

After her retirement, McLachlin joined the Court of Appeal in Hong Kong. Even as other foreign judges resigned in protest against China's brutal suppression of Hong Kong's democracy, McLachlin stayed on, raising questions about her willingness to align herself with an oppressive regime.

These revelations expose the unsettling reality of our national elite – individuals we're taught to respect and admire are revealed to be participants in questionable practices. They live lives adorned with the trappings of public office, all the while perpetuating a system of corruption and complicity that prioritizes personal gain over the public good.

Johnston, during his investigation into foreign interference, failed to distance himself from his ties to Trudeau, displaying a disturbing conflict of interest. His refusal to recuse himself, even when suggested by a reporter, demonstrates an arrogant belief in his untouchability. His rebuttal? A secret letter of approval from a former Supreme Court judge who also happens to be his old friend and a Trudeau Foundation associate.

While some of the machinery of the Media Party continue to support Trudeau and his associates, even the Toronto Star has called for a public inquiry. When a traditionally pro-Trudeau outlet takes such a stand, it becomes evident that there's a substantial problem needing serious attention.

The images of Johnston skiing with Trudeau's family and his dismissive response to allegations of their close friendship show the extent of the elitist hubris that thrives in our political class. The narrative spun by those in power attempts to portray them as morally superior, worthy of our trust and obedience.

But beneath the polished exterior and pomp of their positions, there seems to be a disturbing truth – a pattern of compromised loyalty and questionable ethics.

GUEST: Alexa Lavoie on location in New York documenting the migrant crisis.

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