Do cross-dressing drag performers need to provide vulnerable sector checks before singing and dancing with children?

If parents have to provide vulnerable sector checks to accompany their children on school class trips, then society should demand the same for cross-dressing adults who have easy access to minors by way of drag story and dance time.

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Cobourg hosted a Pride festival on June third that featured drag performances for children, and it left many wondering: do cross-dressing adults have to provide vulnerable sector checks before they are hired for engagements that involve minors?

Shortly after the event, Ugolini reached out to the Mayor of Cobourg, Lucas Cleveland, to inquire about how much the festival cost the taxpayers of Cobourg, specifically how much Oliver Talent Events was paid for their engagement, and if they had to provide a vulnerable sector check before frolicking around with children.

Despite Cleveland’s second pillar of campaign promises including “transparency and accountability,” the Mayor did not respond to the media request.

The progressive virtue signalling all began on May 25 when Cobourg’s rainbow crosswalk was completed with innovative thermoplastic sheets instead of paint, and sealed with glitter. It was part of an $11,700 budget allocation.

There was a child-tailored drag dance party on said sidewalk during the June third event, which featured drag performers from Oliver Talent Events.

Queen Babe Kelly and King Oliver Klozoff— a name that sounds more appropriate for the adult entertainment sector than a family-friendly performance— were frolicking in the public street, singing and dancing to an audience of children.

When the Belle of the Ball was made aware of Rebel News’ filming, he demanded privacy, referring to senior editor Tamara Ugolini as a bully for not cowering to his unreasonable demands.

Scrolling Babe’s Instagram, it appears that he has struggled with opioid recovery and mental illness since at least 2019.

Is this the kind of stand-up role model that society wants flaunting in the faces of young, vulnerable children? Might this individual have a seedy past, with skeletons in the closet?

Sure, everyone has skeletons in the closet, but not everyone is trying to cross-dress and parade in the streets, dancing and reading stories to children.

Preparations for the first-ever formal observance of the occasion were made possible thanks to the “formation of an EDI [Equity, Diversity, Inclusion] committee in 2021.”

Coordinator of the EDI committee, Yasmyn Belle, said that this is an “important step forward in marking our allyship and continued commitment to becoming a more inclusive community.”

To ensure progress and human rights protections for this particular group, on Thursday, June first, the Town of Cobourg raised the Progressive Pride Flag at Victoria Hall and Jubilee Park, alongside the local YMCA and Cobourg Police Service.

Carleigh Hunter from the Cobourg Downtown Business Improvement Area joined Global News to promote the local happenings.

This is the same town that shuttered their local tourist attraction, Cobourg Beach, for two full years due to the unscientific idea that outdoor viral spread was a possibility and to keep the “others” away.

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