Double standards are clear in media treatment of indigenous anti-pipeline protesters vs. Tamara Lich

Did anyone float the the idea that Tamara Lich couldn’t really be guilty because physical vandalism was actually a kind of ancient indigenous ceremony?

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed a recent story from Castanet about anti-pipeline protesters being found guilty of criminal contempt, and the hypocrisy it reveals regarding the media's treatment of the pro-freedom protesters in the trucker protests.

Everyone in Canada is subject to Canadian law — even people who are not Canadian citizens. There are some racial carve-outs in law, which I think are very dangerous. Looks like this judge wasn’t having any of it.

But I remind you, Tamara Lich is a Metis woman, too. She’s indigenous. Did you see any reporting like this when she was arrested? People floating the idea that she really couldn’t be guilty; that physical vandalism was actually a kind of ancient indigenous ceremony?

Of course not; the liberal media wouldn’t believe a word of it if it were said by a peaceful trucker.

You know, the truckers didn’t vandalize anything. They didn’t attack anyone. They didn’t resist the police. It’s actually amazing — there was not a single act of violence by any truckers, throughout the whole time. That’s why you had Liberals trying to cook up hoaxes, like the hoax that a trucker tried to arson an apartment; or the hoax that the truckers defiled the Terry Fox statue. Yeah, no, this isn’t vandalism, brother. But nice try.

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