Chaotic electric bus deals put kids at risk with braking, heating issues

Sheila Gunn Reid covered the expansion of electric bus acquisition in Canadian cities — and the major issues coming along with it.

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On last Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid discussed a new lawsuit by the city of Edmonton against a manufacturer of electric buses.

The city is seeking $82 million in damages from Proterra, the California-based company that sold the city electric buses, complaining of mechanical issues and promises of long driving ranges that never manifested. Edmonton says that the buses have never once achieved the operating range laid out in the contract, according to CTV News.

Despite the immense flaws in the rollout, the city of Ottawa is now headed for the same disaster — set to spend nearly $1 billion on 450 new battery-powered buses. 

"This is gonna be an absolute mess for the city of Ottawa, but these are adults making adult decisions. Unfortunately, a lot of these bad decisions are being made with other people's money, taxpayers' money," Sheila commented. 

Where the situation gets even worse is when it comes to small children who's school buses are being affected by these 'environmentally-friendly' plans — to the point that the heating and even braking abilities of buses are in question.

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