Enough is enough! Canadian patriots demonstrate outside a Markham, Ont. business association said to be housing a CCP police station

But questions arise: what’s going on here? How is it even possible that Chinese police officers are stationed in Western democracies in the first place?

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When it comes to Chinese police operating in other jurisdictions around the globe  including several Western democracies  there is some good news and some bad news to report.

The good news: last month, two New York City men were arrested for allegedly acting as agents for the People’s Republic of China. They were also charged for obstructing justice by destroying evidence. We will watch with interest how their trial unfolds in the months ahead.

The bad news: while the U.S. is apparently getting serious about illicit Chinese police stations operating on American soil (there were also some arrests in Houston), here in Canada it would appear that it’s business as usual. The last time we reached out to the RCMP on this issue, all they would say is that the matter is under investigation and there would be no more comment  and that dates back to last September!

But questions arise: what’s going on here? How is it even possible that Chinese police officers are stationed in Western democracies in the first place?

That’s what a few dozen demonstrators wanted to know recently as they staged a protest outside the headquarters of something called the Canada Toronto Fuqing Business Association. (Nobody appeared to be in the building at the time.)

However, this venue, located in a small industrial park in Markham, Ont., is said to house Chinese police officers carrying out duties in the Greater Toronto Area. How such a thing is even possible and what exactly these Chinese police are doing on Canadian soil falls into the category of unanswered questions – at least when it comes to the Trudeau Liberals and local law enforcement agencies.

Again, the official response we received from the RCMP’s Camille Boily-Lavoie last September was as follows:

"The RCMP is investigating reports of criminal activity in relation to the so-called ‘police’ stations. As the RCMP is currently investigating the incident, there will be no further comment on the matter at this time.

The RCMP takes threats to the security of individuals living in Canada very seriously and is aware that foreign states may seek to intimidate or harm communities or individuals within Canada. It is important for all individuals and groups living in Canada, regardless of their nationality, to know that there are support mechanisms in place to assist them when experiencing potential foreign interference or state-backed harassment and intimidation.

Anyone who feels threatened online or in person, should report these incidents to their local police. If someone in the public is in immediate danger, they should call 9-1-1 or contact their local police. Individuals may also contact the RCMP National Security Information Network by phone at 1-800-420-5805 or by email at [email protected].”

This statement did little to placate the demonstrators in Markham. They want these Chinese police officers extradited as soon as possible.

Alas, it does not look as though Justin Trudeau shares their concerns given that the Beijing boys in blue are still carrying out duties on Canadian soil. Then again, before becoming prime minister, Justin Trudeau uttered this quotation for the ages back in 2013: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.”

Perhaps the PM also has “admiration” for Chinese police officers too?

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