Even in the Liberal stronghold of Toronto, the people have spoken: Trudeau must go!

Just keeping track of all the Liberal scandals is tantamount to a Herculean task.

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Enough is enough!

That was the resounding message stated by Torontonians in downtown Hogtown when asked if Justin Trudeau should resign.

Recently, we brought our Jumbotron-equipped truck to Yonge-Dundas Square urging passersby to sign our newest petition: www.TrudeauMustResign.com.

Can you blame us? Our great Dominion has endured a never-ending litany of scandals courtesy of the Trudeau Liberals these past eight years. This government seems hellbent on embarrassing Canada on the world stage.

Fiascos range from allegations of Chinese electoral interference to idiocy in dealing with India (courtesy of Justin Trudeau dressing up as a Bollywood star or accusing India of assassinating a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil.)

In fact, just keeping track of all the Liberal scandals is tantamount to a Herculean task…

But in the department of insult to injury, the hypocrisy of our blundering prime minister is off the charts.

Justin Trudeau says he’s a feminist, yet he once groped a female reporter. And he has a very difficult time when it comes to dealing with female members of Parliament who like to think for themselves.

Trudeau calls his critics “racists”, yet the PM has donned blackface so many times that even Justin has lost count!

But the most recent scandal some two weeks ago surely ranks as one of the biggest blunders to date. You see, while Blackface likes to demonize and vilify supporters of the Freedom Convoy by inferring that they are “Nazis”, it was this prime minister himself who welcomed a real bona fide Nazi into the House of Commons!

Jaroslav Hunka actually received a hero’s welcome and a standing ovation on Parliament Hill! And it turns out Hunka isn’t some garden-variety Nazi. Rather, Hunka was a member of the notorious Waffen SS, a unit that killed civilians and carried out war crimes. Gross.

“NaziGate” led to Liberal MP Anthony Rota resigning as house speaker for his role in staging this disastrous photo-op. And good riddance to Rota.

But that’s not nearly enough. The head honcho needs to go, too. Justin Trudeau must do the right thing (if that is even within the realm of possibility) and step down as prime minister.

But here’s the good news: during the four hours we were at Yonge-Dundas Square, roughly 90% of passersby that we interacted with agreed with the message on our truck – that Trudeau must resign. Only about 10% said they are still supportive of Blackface. Talk about the “fringe minority”!

If you would like to have your voice heard, please visit www.TrudeauMustResign.com and sign our petition. And, if you are able to, kindly make a donation so that we can cover the cost of renting that truck.

In the final analysis, the silver lining is that Justin Trudeau’s support is clearly waning – even in a Liberal stronghold such as Toronto. The next federal election cannot come soon enough…

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