EXCLUSIVE: Pastor Artur Pawlowski reacts to most recent arrest

Pastor Artur Pawlowski explains the events leading up to and following his most recent arrest — his fourth since the pandemic was declared.

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski was recently arrested yet again by police, this time after attending a rally in Leduc, Alberta. He was released shortly thereafter, and this time around he was not forced to spend the night in jail.

Pawlowski was pulled over while driving home and the arresting officer informed him that a warrant for his arrest had been issued by Calgary police for a series of charges including disturbing the peace and trespassing. After a brief conversation with the officer, the pastor was placed in the back of a police cruiser before being released after agreeing to appear in court.

We met with Pastor Artur Pawlowski at a massive Calgary rally in support of the truck convoy that has rolled into Ottawa opposing vaccine mandates.

Pastor Artur filled us in on all the details of the arrest, including the apparently-bogus trespassing charges levied against him for attempting to collect his mail from a Canada Post office without a mask, despite him having a medical exemption.

According to Artur, he was never served notice that he must leave. In fact, he himself contacted the police seeking help in an effort to retrieve his mail. Pastor Artur filed a human rights complaint about his being refused access to his own mail and thought that was the end of it, but instead, police decided to put out a warrant on him.

This is the fourth arrest of Pastor Artur since the onset of COVID-19 nearly two years ago. It is a ridiculous and targeted campaign of harassment that, despite international embarrassment, shows no sign of slowing down.

Fortunately, and thanks to your incredible support at SaveArtur.com, Artur knows he is never alone.

Through this crowdfunding initiative, we are able to keep the brilliant Sarah Miller, who has been serving as legal counsel to Artur at no cost to him since his first arrest, working hard to keep Pastor Artur out of jail. Please go to SaveArtur.com now if you can chip in a few dollars to help.

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