Massive rally takes place in Calgary in support of the trucker freedom convoy

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Calgary’s Saturday rally in solidarity with the truck convoy that rolled into Ottawa appeared to be one of the biggest in Canada, with thousands of people gathering to show their support.

This gathering felt much more like a victory march than the weekly protests we have seen for these past two years in Calgary, and indeed across much of Canada.

The palpable energy shift was undeniable, people we even more exuberant and friendly than usual, and there was for many a sentiment that for the first time in a long time, Canada felt Canadian again. We heard time and time again from folks that they once again felt proud to be Albertan, proud to be Canadian.

It wasn’t the media or the academics that unified everyone, that took that stand that rallied the nation, it was a group of truckers that rolled up their sleeves and got things done.

Their example has led to countless Canadians of all beliefs, backgrounds, and means standing together and saying enough is enough.

While mainstream media largely lied, mischaracterized, and vilified the beautiful and diverse crowd supporting these truck driving heroes, we, as always, we're on location to tell the other side of the story firsthand, and to show you the truth since the mainstream media won't.

If you want to support our independent coverage of the truck convoy in Ottawa and across Canada, consider chipping in a few bucks are

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