Exclusive interview: Roman Baber, CPC leadership contestant on his newly-released policy platform

Roman Baber joined Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss the details of his newest policy paper, titled 'Roman Baber's Commitment to Canada'.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Conservative Party leadership candidate Roman Baber (@Roman_Baber) to talk about his newly-released policy paper, titled Roman Baber's Commitment to Canada.

Explaining why he felt it necessary to "put pen to paper" regarding his policy ideas, Baber said:

"I've enjoyed this race and I also think that it's been a very positive race, in that it's been a race of ideas contrary to the traditional allegation that conservatives are afraid to put forth bold and principled stands during leadership races. I wanted to spark conversations on some things that really matter to Canadians, and some of those I think are long overdue.

"I'm running against socialism in Canada. That's why I think it's appropriate to suggest that we should end equalization payments instead of continuing this provincial interdependency. We should probably phase out supply management, instead of telling farmers how much dairy they can produce. And we need to have the courage to stand up for all Canadians and defend them against Bill 21, Bill 96 in Quebec, and so on and so forth.

"I think now we should make this race about the conscience and the future of the Conservative Party. And that means not being afraid to put forth bold and courageous ideas."

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Read the full document from Roman Baber, here

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