Ezra Levant: Klaus Schwab seeks to replace private property and local sovereignty with globalist socialism

'The big political and economic question of the 21st century will be, what do we need humans for? Or at least, what do we need so many humans for,' WEF agenda contributor Yuval Noah Harari once said.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowEzra delved into the World Economic Forum (WEF) ideology of 'one world' governance and socialism.

Speaking from the streets of Davos, Ezra said, "The World Economic Forum is very much an ideological organization. I think if I had to define that ideology, globalism would be the first one."

"I think the second unfortunately would be socialism. And I don't say that as an insult but rather a description of what Klaus Schwab, the founder and owner of the World Economic Forum, believes in."

Ezra went on to say, "I say owner because he owns it. It's not an international NGO. It's not a non-profit. It's not a public entity. He owns it. He started this private organization."

"He talks about stakeholder capitalism. And he talks about stakeholder decision making for public policy. And what does he mean by that? Because don't we already have shareholder decision making for a company? And don't we already have elections and democratic, sovereign elections in countries to run a country?"

Ezra added, "So when he talks about stakeholder capitalism or stakeholder democracy, he's talking about other groups making the decisions besides shareholders. And wouldn't you know it, those other groups are the people that he happens to know and like and sell access to."

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