An election is coming. How will Rebel News cover it?

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I saw my first election ad yesterday. It was on the Internet, of course — I think that’s where most ads will be. It was an ad for Trudeau’s Liberals.

I don’t think I’ll ever vote Liberal, and I think Justin Trudeau could well be the worst prime minister in our country’s history, even worse than his father. But the ad was good. I can see it working.

How ironic — for eighteen months, Trudeau has been the fearmonger, he’s been the one locking us down, making travel horrendous; terrifying people, abiding civil liberties abrogations, allowing inter-provincial check stops, he’s gone full Big Pharma. He’s been that guy — the malaise guy; the doomsday guy.

Now he flicks a switch and he’s Mr. Hopeful and Happy — and I promise you, take this to the bank, he’s timed an announcement with Joe Biden, where he opens up travel with the U.S. during his campaign, as a campaign announcement. He was waiting for the election to do it. He’s the guy to give you your freedom back.

And the Conservative is the one telling you to be afraid.

How did that happen?

Well look. I’m not going to make predictions about the outcome, but would you agree with me that not only are the polls looking pretty bad for O’Toole — the worst ever; worse than Andrew Scheer had; but that the political battlefield is more tilted than ever.

So what are we going to do? Well, we’re going to do what we always do. We’re going to ask tough questions of every politician.

And by that, I mean questions that talk about subjects that politicians don’t always want to be asked about, and that the media party doesn’t usually ask about.

Freedom oriented questions — about lockdowns and vaccine passports. About censorship laws and control of the Internet. About the war on oil and gas and pipelines. About the war on working families, in the form of taxes and borrowing and inflation. About driving up housing prices through unlimited immigration to Canada, despite our recession-level unemployment. About our bizarre foreign policy — loving China, loving Iran, preferring OPEC oil imports to Alberta oil production.

I think we’ll be in an election mere days from now. But really, it’s already begun — Trudeau is running happy ads; O’Toole is muttering about Delta variants; and the reporters are running attack ads on Conservatives, with their own money.

The powers that be will likely try to ban us; and they’ll probably ban some of the smaller parties too — maybe even arrest a few people again.

But we’ll be out there. Like always. We're going to put our reporters on planes to cover the election across the country — we’re not just going to sit in our offices.

Trudeau’s bodyguards have assaulted our reporter Drea Humphrey; O’Toole’s staff called the police on David just a couple of weeks ago, for asking question they didn’t like.

So I’m sure we’ll get the brunt of it. But we have to do it.

Imagine, for a moment, an election where the only point of view was from CBC state broadcasters, or the bail-out newspapers. I can’t imagine what a fake news campaign like that would be like.

That’s what I think the next two months will be like. And I won’t lie: I think Trudeau is going to win; and I think Canada’s descent into authoritarianism will continue.

Trudeau has always told us he admires Communist regimes, like China and Cuba. He wants to be leader for life, like they have in those countries too.

I’m here to tell you, we’re going to do our best to document what the rest of the media party won’t; and, where we can, to help fight for freedom.

GUEST: Gordon G. Chang (@GordonGChang on Twitter) on a Chinese court's rejection of a Canadian drug convict’s appeal of a death sentence.

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