Why did Erin O'Toole fire Pierre Poilievre as his finance critic?

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I’ve done this quiz with you before — you, who are probably in the top 1 per cent of Canadians in terms of news consumption, especially of Conservative news. I’ve asked you to name the Conservative Party’s critics in charge of the most important portfolios over the past year.

Can you name them? I literally haven’t found a single person who can name them all without Googling it.

Except for Pierre Poilievre — everyone knows him. And it’s easy to know why. The guy can talk. He has something to say. It’s conservative. He knows his file inside and out — even the really technical stuff. He can go toe to toe with economists, banking experts, tax experts. And when it comes to partisan fights — well, he’s a winner.

He’s young, he’s smart, I think he speaks French, he has a lovely young family, he hasn’t screwed up anything. In fact, he was seriously considering running for leader, until he abruptly cancelled that. And I was very sad about that; and I imagine that some scandalous threat was brought to his attention, and he probably thought: I don’t need that dirt thrown at me and my young family, I'll pass. That’s just speculation on my part, but boy, he slammed on the brakes fast. And I regret that.

And I look at how lacklustre Erin O’Toole has been since becoming leader, and I regret Pierre’s decision not to run even more.

So yeah. Great on his file. Great at fighting for the base.

And so I think I know why O’Toole just fired him.

The best critic in the caucus. The only household name, really. The only Conservative capable of rather forcing the Media Party to cover him on his own terms.

And thus you see Erin O’Toole’s position. He’s jealous. For heaven’s sakes, he’s leader. He got what he wants. But you can’t buy a personality and you can’t buy courage.

And no-one cares about what O’Toole says, probably because he says so little. Other than quarrelling with Trudeau’s bungled vaccine procurement — by which I mean, O’Toole says he just would have done it “better”, can you tell me anything substantive about which O’Toole and Trudeau have fundamentally clashed?

In fact, O’Toole told Pierre to cork it on the Great Reset stuff.

O’Toole is a nullity, and empty void. I think he thought that was a path to victory — just let Trudeau implode, and catch power as it falls into your hands.

What a contrast to Pierre Poilievre.

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