Trudeau considers non-combat deployment of Canadian troops to Ukraine

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The Trudeau Liberals may send more than taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, as they’re considering a non-combat deployment of Canadian troops to the war-torn nation.

Tonight, Ezra analyzes Trudeau’s desperate political posturing in Ukraine to try and stay relevant domestically and abroad.

To commemorate the second anniversary of the Russian-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $3.02 billion 'security assistance package' to deter Russian aggression two weeks ago.

"We are demonstrating that Canada and other countries will be unflinching in our support for Ukraine over the long term," he said at the time.

That is in addition to the recent military aid donation of 800 drones, valued at over $95 million, and an estimated $60 million in parts and ammunition for Ukraine’s F-16 fighter jets. They are part of a $500 million military aid package announced last year, clarified Defence Minister Bill Blair.

However, don’t look too closely at the headlines because they hardly keep their promises.

Much of the military systems the Prime Minister pledged to Ukraine simply haven’t gone — either Canada doesn't have them, they’re not suitable for war, or they face considerable shipping delays. You might even say he’s lying to Ukrainian-Canadians.

In spite of this, they’re prepared to send military personnel into a country at war, according to Blair. 

Those Canadian forces who complained of poor equipment while on mission in Latvia and paying out of pocket for food in Poland. Yeah, those troops.

Blair discussed the idea at a European security summit alongside NATO allies and fellow supporters of Ukraine last month. Yet Ukraine is not a NATO ally.

Canada cannot engage Russia militarily per Article 5, which says an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all of them. They must rally to the aid of each other, but the same does not apply to Ukraine.

Yet, Trudeau and his cohort continue to hemorrhage billions on a war that costs taxpayers greatly with little payout for our head of state who continues to plummet in the polls.

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