Father who spoke out about child's transition wins appeal, avoids more jail time

The father, whom we are still legally obligated to refer to as C.D., had been out on bail after serving two months of his sentence related to a breach of a publication ban.

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As first reported by Rebel Newsa B.C. father who was facing four more months in jail after breaching publication bans to speak out about the medical transitioning of his child without his consent won his appeal to stay jail free last Wednesday.

The father, whom we are still legally obligated to refer to as C.D. due to a web of publication bans, which made it difficult for both the father and for journalists to share his story with the public, had been out on bail after serving two months of his sentence.

In today's report, we have a candid interview with C.D. moments before he surrendered himself to courthouse sheriffs, uncertain whether the three justices presiding over his appeal hearing in June would rule that he return to complete his initial sentence which also included paying a $30,000 fine to charity.

Rebel News was present at the ruling and conducted an interview with the father immediately after his release to commemorate the fact that the appeal court justices ruled in favour of time served and dropping the fine.

Watch our full video report to hear the father's excitement after wrapping up this five year long legal battle. You can also click here to read the full reasoning for the justices' decision.

Unlike the mainstream media, which was nowhere in sight during the many court appearances for this unprecedented case, Rebel News has kept you informed every step of the way.

Our journalists faced time in jail ourselves to bring you as much of the story as we legally could as we navigated through a series of publication bans, to the point we ultimately hired a prestigious lawyer from Hria Rowan LLP, who successfully challenged the bans causing them to be revised to bring more clarity for the press to be able to report on this story.

You can help us recoup some of the remaining costs that did not get covered from that legal fight at LetUsReport.com.

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