Rebel challenge against publication bans that landed B.C. father in jail gets court date

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Our challenge against some of the publication bans and orders that a B.C. father was sentenced to six months in jail and fined $30,000 for breaching has finally been given its day in court!

In today’s report, I interview Kyle Bienvenu, the prestigious lawyer we’ve hired with the help of your donations at, to challenge these bans. These restrictions not only limit how much the father, who we must refer to as C.D., can inform the public about the medical transitioning of his child without his consent, but also limit how much I, as a journalist, can inform the public about the case that sparked outrage across the globe for those concerned about parental rights.

I also give you some exciting news about the possibility that C.D. may be released on bail! His family and friends assisted him in retaining a zealous criminal appeal lawyer, Vincent Larochelle, who will be in court today to try and have C.D. released on bail as they await an appeal.

This would be great news for all who have followed this case, and were shocked to find out that Justice Michael Tammen ruled to put C.D. behind bars longer than he had already been while awaiting trial.

There are so many bans and restrictive orders that surround the full story of the case of C.D. and his child A.B. Even as years have passed since the beginning of this case, new orders and bans continue to be implemented. Help us continue this legal challenge, even if it is a David and Goliath-type fight for freedom of the press, by donating whatever you can at

We appreciate your support.

UPDATE: Just before publishing this story, I learned that C.D. was granted bail!

The full report on what happened in court, and an interview with C.D.’s new counsel, Vincent Larochelle, is coming up here at Rebel News. So please be sure you have subscribed to our mailing list to get the full story right away.

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