Firearms are defensive tools: Security guard at CCFR's Ottawa Integrity March (Part Three)

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Rebel News was in Ottawa on Saturday afternoon to cover the largest pro-gun rights rally in a generation.

The Integrity March was organized by the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights and drew a pro-freedom crowd of 5,000 to protest the Liberals’ May 1, 2020 Order in Council that banned 1,500 models of shotguns and rifles as “assault weapons.”

Included in the ban were a .22 and .410.

At the event, I met Aaron Fell, the superintendent and program manager with Community Protection Services, an Ottawa-based private security company. Fell was in uniform but not working that day.  

He explained to me why he was there to stand up for the rights of lawful Canadian gun owners.

It shouldn’t be, but it’s easy to forget that most people who choose security and policing as a vocation do so because they want to defend our rights, not tromp all over them. Many of them are gun owners too, who, just like the rest of us, risk losing their legally obtained property through the reclassification of their firearms.

The Liberals, with their undemocratic and opportunistic gun grab, have put the very people who work hard to keep us safe in an adversarial position with law-abiding Canadians.

These folks went into law enforcement to lock up the bad guys, not their gun club friends.

CBC reported that hundreds, not thousands of people, were at the march.

We knew they would get the story wrong and that’s why I went to Ottawa  all the way from Alberta — to make sure someone got the story right and told the truth about the normal people and family businesses under attack by Trudeau’s failed gun policy. You just can’t trust Trudeau’s pet media to tell the truth about him.

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