WATCH: Former UAP candidate runs INDEPENDENTLY to fight for Australia’s freedom

From candidate for the United Australian Party to independent candidate, Morgan C Jonas talks to us about his vision, how Covid influenced his ideas, and voting.

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Three weeks after being formally endorsed as UAP’s candidate for the senate, Morgan C Jonas announced his resignation from the party, but today, Morgan is only looking ahead.

Running independently is a bold move, but Morgan has a plan and a vision. 

Pointing out that the senate is a prime space to put pressure on the lower house and influence legislation that is passed, amended and discarded, the Victorian Senate candidate says:

“If I'm elected, if people who see things in a similar light are also elected, we can create tremendous pressure to put on the lower house to pass legislation that’s favourable to Australia”. 

Morgan’s vision is printed on the back of the t-shirts worn by his team, listing some of what’s most important to him. 

“I’m standing up for a reduction in the size and scope of government and our farms. We see now manufacturing destroyed, we’re losing our autonomy, and of course, our freedoms are under attack”.

Morgan started to gain recognition in 2019 when he hosted his first major protest, decrying Daniel Andrews’ relationship with China. Along with his partner, Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy, Morgan openly slammed the Covid restrictions. 

“I think the Covid experience has highlighted the absolute reality that the major parties have let this country down. Australians are looking for an alternative. Covid has underlined the absolute need for people at the highest levels to stand up for our freedoms because the human rights legislation isn’t doing anything, so that’s the platform that I’m standing on”.

When talking about the voting habits of those who vote the way their parents vote, he simply stated:

“You vote for the major parties; you get more of the same”

To vote Morgan C Jonas in Victoria, VOTE #1 Group R above the line on the Senate ticket.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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