WATCH: Government's pro-drug agenda is a gateway to despair

Anti-drug campaigner warns Aussies of societal disarray if government moves to legalise illicit substances.

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A local Victorian businessman, former police officer and staunch anti-drug activist, shared his concerns about the looming threat of drug legalisation in Australia.

Peter, whose passion for combating drug abuse stems from personal experiences and witnessing the devastating effects within his own family, expressed deep concerns about the government's trajectory towards decriminalisation, a move he believes will inevitably pave the way for full-scale drug legalisation.

Voicing his apprehensions, Peter highlighted the disastrous outcomes witnessed in other jurisdictions such as Oregon and Canada, which have grappled with the adverse repercussions of drug liberalisation policies.

Stressing his anti-drug stance, Peter underscored the overarching dangers posed by all drugs, stressing that legalisation of even milder drugs such as Marijuana would not only exacerbate individual harm but also inflict profound societal consequences.

Drawing from his firsthand encounters with his daughter's addiction, Peter lamented the inadequacy of existing rehabilitation facilities and called for a concerted effort to prioritise addiction treatment over misguided harm reduction strategies.

Addressing the contentious issue of marijuana, Peter shot down the notion of its benign nature, citing its evolving potency and adverse societal impact, including impaired productivity and road safety risks.

Expressing scepticism towards the efficacy of legalisation in ensuring drug purity and safety, Peter argued that a taxpayer-funded approach to drug provision would be imperative to mitigate black market influence and safeguard public health.

Peter speculated that vested interests by governments and political expediency were driving forces behind the push for drug legalisation, cautioning against complacency in the face of looming societal disarray.

He urged vigilant opposition to the government's agenda, citing cautionary tales from global counterparts like San Francisco, Vancouver and Oregon, where he claims drug liberalisation has led to dire consequences, transforming once-vibrant locales into scenes of desolation and despair.

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